Monday, 29 July 2013

First Impressions: A Clash of Kings

Currently being 100 pages into this book, I thought I'd give you my thoughts of the book so far. I am taking my time with this 800 page extravaganza of a book, I'm going to take my time and absorb all of the new information that is coming my way. When I read A Game Of Thrones, I read half of the book had a break with another one and came back to it fully refreshed; this is what I plan on doing again as I think this will be the best course of action for such a beast of a book.

So far I'm absolutely loving it, we're seeing the aftermath of the plot in the first book, and it's really interesting to see how everyone is reacting in their different ways and how all these different sides are forming. The plot is just thickening by the minute, and you can see through the writing that it will just keep getting thicker with storyline, character development and twists, as already in 100 pages you can see the changes in the different characters and how they're reacting to the different circumstances they have happened upon.

From the off I've reservations about this book however, due to the fact that my dad has only just recently managed to finish it and wasn't truly impressed in comparison to the first one. I've gone into it with a negative outlook, but so far I have been proven wrong and long may I hope it will stay that way.

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